Say Good Bye to Smoking Forever – Benefits of Not Smoking

Living With Smoker Increases Absenteeism in School Children, U.S. Study Confirms

Science Daily (Sep. 5, 2011) — Children who live in households where they are exposed to tobacco smoke miss more days of school than do children living in smoke-free homes, a new nationwide study confirms. The report from investigators at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) — which finds these children have higher rates of respiratory illnesses that can be caused by second-hand smoke and details the probable economic costs of their increased school absence — has been released in the online edition of Paediatrics.

It’s never too late to quit smoking

I have been a past smoker & wanted to quit for long time and finally I have managed to quit this bad habit. Many people admit that they often smoke against their own will. Research says when you smoke, Oxygen level decrease by 15% to be replaced by carbon monoxide.

Now let us discuss the main reasons people smoke:

v  Smoking help us to relax

v  Smoking blow my trouble away

v  It’s a package of pleasure

v  Smoking is fun

v  Smoking  is reward

v  Smoking is pleasant & relaxing

v  Smoking is stimulating

v  Smoking provides support when things go wrong

v  A way to deal with stress & anxiety

Now we will discuss the benefits of NOT smoking:

ü  Health Benefits:

  • Blood pressure & pulse rate lower and approach normal
  • Mouth & hair no longer smell of smoke
  • Palms will be free from smell of smoke
  • Taste & smell improve
  • Stamina increase significantly
  • Energy level increase
  • Walking becomes easy
  • Risk of all disease caused by smoking is reduced – emphysema, heart attacks, cancer etc
  • Increase appetite

ü  Emotional  Benefits:

  • Improved self-image
  • Improved self confidence
  • Feeling of accomplishment and self-respect
  • Put yourself in charge of your life
  • Becoming happier, less depressed
  • Never again will you have to lie or make excuses, or feel guilty about needing cigarettes
  • Gain more love and respect from loved one/family/society

ü  Personal Social Benefits:

  • House, car & cloths don’t smell of cigarette
  • You will have more time to devote to family & friends
  • You will not become burden on your family members because of illness related to smoking cigarette


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