Are we doing enough to find relevant job?

Looking at the current economic climate depending on your particular career area, it can be challenging to find job opportunities. Question is: Are we doing enough to find a relevant job? How to improve your chances to find suitable employment? Below are few points we need to keep in mind while looking for work:

  1. Design a strategy: Have you prepared a right strategy? Always always have strategy on a piece of paper. It’s very important to have a strategy in mind before you jump to find suitable position. Write down, how you going to find work. Are you going to use traditional way or you will think outside the box and try something new. Are you going to approach Recruitment Agencies? Are you going to use different job sites? Are you going to use social media platform? Are you going to use word-of-mouth publicity?
  2. Conduct market research: Have you gathered the right information? Research the field which area you want to work. Use different way to extract information, use different job sites, read articles, read blogs, read newspaper. Take help from industry expert. This will give you an overview of the current scenario for job market and update on your respective job field.
  3. Attach cover letter: Write why you need particular job, how you going to add value to the organization, how you going to do the job differently, etc. Build your personal reputation in a covering letter.
  4. Flow your CV on different job sites. As and when needed update your CV. Showcase your talents and establish yourself as an expert.
  5. Social Media: Organization always looks for talented people but are you ready to be found? Social Media now opened the new world of opportunities. Use professional networking site like LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to display your full resume online for any future employer or recruiters to see. Make industry connections, join different groups, share your CV, ask for relevant feedback etc.

Wish you all the best for your job search


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